Monday, 28 October 2013

Things to get back to in the fullness of time


Amber - a smalltalk running on node.js intended for writing in-browser apps using almost the syntax of Pharo Smalltalk, and a class hierarchy that allows for easy JSON

Friday, 25 October 2013

To open a PDF (or other) file

aPdfNameString := 'The_Boys_own_book' .

ShellLibrary default shellOpen: FileLocator imageRelative

e.g. as a method

openPdf: aPdfNameString
        "Opens a pdf file in its own PDF window"

ShellLibrary default shellOpen: FileLocator imageRelative

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Pointers to collections

Are created during the initialization of the owning object

DraftFencing new intialize

pools : = ListModel new.

Each member of the collection the next level down is added in a method here.
So in PaffFencing
 . . a pool is added by a method in the Round object
 . . a bout is added by a method in the Pool object.


is the SuperClass for domain model objects.

It's like Object, but has hooks for when the domain objects trigger events for the Views and Presenters

Monday, 21 October 2013

How to parse in CSV files?

Write to files, read from files

Read and write CSV

Streams, including FileStreams

Things I need to find out:

To use the CSV Parser, requires:

How to import Monticello packages into Dolphin Smalltalk?

   It's stated that Dolphin can already just do this using its Sourcecode Tracking System.  Frustratingly, I can't find out where.

Update 22/10/13 2:30pm : STS is not part of Dolphin X6.1 Community Edition Edition. (Answer on comp.lang.smalltalk.dolphin)

Starting back out again

I want to write an application, initially for Windows.

I want to write it quickly.

I want it to do lots of things.

So I'm going to re-learn Smalltalk.

After hunting about a bit, I'm going to write it in Dolphin Community Edition.

I want to make the Windows part of the system nicely windowed.

I want a CSV Parser, so I want to import Monticello packages.

I'm going to write it on my Chromebook via VNC  to my noisy laptop, which I keep in another room.  (Real VNC client on the Chromebook, TightVNC server on my laptop).