Thursday, 29 October 2015

Monticello Repository - basic How-to steps

Category Gawain-Directoire

To get Monticello Browser to realise that a Smalltalk category and a Smalltalk package are the same, they must have identical names.

e.g. Gawain-Directoire

must use that exact name in the Package browser.

Monticello Repositories on SqueakSource cannot have non-alpha characters in their name.

But - the Monticello +Repository details in the Browser are the SqueakSource package name and UserID .  If you omit the password, it will be asked for later, and Monticello will add it to the Repository details automatically - in plain text - for future use.

When loaded, the new package will be at the bottom of the list of Packages, *nopt* in alphabetical order.

So - Call the +Package in Monticello by the same name as the Category name in the System Browser.

They will automatically be kept in step.

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