Saturday, 17 October 2015

Pharo By Example Issues

All the issues are occurring from
Pharo-1.0 Latest update: #10517
installed on Windows 7 from the PBE-OneClick zip
Pharo By Example version of 2009-10-28

1) Section 1.4
meta-click does not bring up the Morphic halo on the BouncingAtomsMorph
For screenshots, see How to kill the BouncingAtomsMorph

2) Section 1.6 p14
Inspect it does not bring up the "newInspector", just the inspector.

As opposed to what's shown in the book:
3) Section 1.6 p14
Explore it does not bring up the explorer shown in the book


Clicking on the triangle in Pharo only toggles the trianle from pointing down to pointing right.

PBE Ch. 2.2

Book tells you to click on "accept", where you actually click on "OK".

PBE Ch 2.3

The book talks of the code pane of the PackageBrowser being outlined in red when there are unsaved changes,  

In PBE-OneClick, there is a small orange gradient-filled triangle at the top-right of the code-pane.

It then talks of typing in a class comment, but it is not obvious where this should be typed in.  Other Packages and other Classes do not seem to have Class comments.

Ch. 2.4

In the object Inspector, we're told to enter self bounds: (200@200 corner: 250@250) and do it.

This results in either :
Message Not Understood: Rectangle>>bounds: in the debugger or 
or, without the parentheses, 
Message Not Understood: Array>>bounds:corner: in the debugger or 
Unknown selector  When bounds:corner: is selected in the Unknown Selector list of possible matches, it then provides bounds:corner:  MessageNot Understood by class SmallInt

No LightsOut! window appears on-screen


It does appear in Pharo 1.4 #14457

(Other than inspecting up the parent object hierarchy, nothing different was done) 

This does not work in either the download recommended for use with PBE (1.0 ~ #10515) or with Pharo 1.4 #14457.

b) We are told to add a class comment for the new class in the new package in the pane below the code-editing pane.

There is no pane below the code-editor.

What you need to do is click on the button labelled '?' below the Class listing pane, and that swaps editor pane to work on the Class comment.

Meta-click does not work on 3 button mouse on Windows 7

Shift-Alt-Left-click is the default workaround.

So you cannot bring up the Morphic halo for the LOCell instance
There is no Preferences Browser in Pharo 1.4 #14457

d) Method 2.9

is mouseAction and should be mouseAction: ?  i.e. should be a setter, not a getter.

e) Filing out is to the Contents | Resources folder of the Pharo install

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