Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Fuel-SIP : Simple Image-based Persistence With Fuel

What is Fuel-SIP for?  

Fuel-SIP is for backing up all your application's image-based data to disk, quickly and painlessly. 

This helps ensure that you will keep it backed-up to disk, as frequently as you like, while keeping your app running as fast as possible - no pause while it saves.

You can program it to occur during the operation of the app, so you no longer need to remember to do manual saves

All of the upside of constantly doing World Menu | Save As
None of the downsides - 
  not having to remember to perform a save
  not having to interrupt your train of thought in the task at hand to save
  not having the image unusable for the length of time it takes to save the whole entire image 
     (on my system, with barely anything in the image, it varies from 
         a tiny fraction of a second using a local disc,
         up to a dozen seconds using NAS.)

How do I use Fuel-SIP?

[post not yet complete - this section to be written]

In the meantime, here is a link to a video on how to use SandstoneDB and the SDActiveRecord

How do I get Fuel-SIP?

Gofer new 
    url: '';
    package: 'ConfigurationOfSimplePersistence'; 

This will add SimplePersistence-Core to your installed packages.

Who created Fuel-SIP?

Simple Image-based Persistence 
   was conceived and created by Ramon Leon, in Squeak
The Fuel serializer 
   was created by Mariano Peck, in Pharo
Simple Image-based Persistence 2.0 now with Fuel! 
   was coded, refactored and packaged by Sean P. DeNigris
       and originally tested by him in Pharo 1.4 and 2.0.  (n.b. It no longer works in Pharo 1.4)

Background and History:

For the full motivation and description, see Ramon Leon's blog post at

Mariano Peck improved File Serialising for Pharo, and called it Fuel.  It was later ported to Squeak

Sean "pretty much just packaged up the code from Ramon's blog, made some small refactorings, and confirmed it was MIT."

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