Friday, 6 November 2015

SmallCouchDb - a Small(talk) Couch API DB

SmallCouch - Smalltalk API to Couch DB

Why only interface from Smalltalk *to* Couch?

Why not provide a Smalltalk DB that receives and understands CouchDB API calls?

And provide a Couch API db on the other side of the API, as well?

It would mean native interoperability with PouchDB

Perhaps also with Couchbase Mobile?

It would allow apps to stay with the Smalltalk stack until they swapped it out to something with bigger capacity.  Unless they never wanted to.

Imagine SmallCouchDB on GLASS or Gemstone as a scaling option

And always the ability to interoperate with the high availability NOSQL world.

Why not on even terms?

Is Erlang that much faster than Smalltalk?

Outward looking, and also able to provide the facilities within the stack.

Couch is just a big dictionary, that tells its peers about what's in the Dictionary.

Often it holds object trees as the Value.  Often it just holds documents, with a version number.

We can do that.

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